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Back to School Memes Only Teachers Will Understand

Back to School Memes

Alas. Summer draws to a close. It’s time to educate children and help mold the future. Look, we know you care about your students’ success. But let’s be honest here: Teachers face a unique frustration when back to school time rolls around.

We get it. That’s why we’ve created another set of teacher memes to let you know we understand. 

1. When you’re trying to keep your smile on during Meet the Parents night.

Teachers work as public servants in more ways than one, by dealing with the public while providing a priceless service. When you meet parents during open houses, you’re expected to cement a smile on your face. It brings a new meaning to the expression “grin and bear it.”

2. When you’re designing your seating chart.

How many of your non-teacher friends know how much work goes into figuring out seating arrangements? Only educators understand the crucial importance of classroom configuration. The alignment of desks actually maximizes the learning process, so yeah, it’s pretty darn important.

3. When you’re coming up with welcome gifts for students.

If you’ve been teaching awhile, you know how tedious classroom gifts can get. How many little baggies can you stuff with stickers and erasers shaped like the latest cartoon character’s head? Pencil toppers—now, those are fun. (And easy, too.)

4. When you find out you have 27 students in a single classroom.

Alright, we need to talk about class roster size. As a teacher, the world expects you to contribute to each child’s education on an individual level. Well, that’s a tall order when your classroom overflows. Looks like you’ll need some impactful management strategies to organize your classroom.

5. When the teacher next door has class decorations fit for Pinterest.

Some teachers have that eye for decorations and classroom feng shui. But so what if you don’t have a garland of lights twinkling around your desk? That’s what free printables are for.

6. When you have to look up this year’s pop culture references.

No denying you’re a hip teacher. You’re browsing back to school memes right now, so you’ve got this whole internet thing down. But with each generation, comes new pop culture references you’ll need to learn to keep up your street cred. (Do young people still say “street cred?”)

7. When someone mentions how teachers don’t deserve “long breaks.”

There may not be such a thing as a stupid question. However, no one doubts the existence of dumb statements. The whole idea about teachers receiving too long of a vacation? Yeah, when you hear that, you sit inside a flaming ring of rage.

8. When a parent emails you two weeks before school starts.

You’re wearing sweatpants. You keep telling Netflix, yes, you’re still watching. Summer may be dwindling down, but for now, there is a little more wine to drink.

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