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I Know What the Teacher Did Last Summer

I Know What the Teacher Did Last Summer

Summer. The one time of year you’re not getting up at six in the morning, hauling grading back and forth from home to school, and browsing the Internet for ideas for your classroom. (Okay, maybe you’re doing the last one, but only when you want to.)

Teachers don’t get the same kind of summer vacation that students do, but we hope these memes represent at least part of your time off school.

You’d never, ever eat in bed…


Let’s be honest: We’re just lucky that Girl Scout cookie season isn’t over the summer.

With so much grading, you can’t make it to the beach…


If you think reallyhard about your back-to-school planning while you’re soaking up the sun, that still counts…right?

Alcohol? For a teacher? You resent the suggestion…


That patience and carefree attitude is all natural—no stress relievers required!

As you tell your students, too much screen time rots the mind…


…unless you’re binging old episodes of Parks and Rec.

You’ll surely muscle through those bodily aches and pains…


Lying on the couch can really take it out of you.

You will dress your very best…


If the summer dress code is tank tops, drawstring shorts, and flip flops, then you are a model employee!

Only quick morning showers. No leisurely baths…


You’re much too busy with lesson plans and seating charts for luxuries like baths.

Junk food? How dare you make such a wild accusation?


If your students ask, you only eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein.

Look, you’re recharging so you can be the best teacher possible in the fall semester.


After the COVID-19 closings, parents across the country now know what it’s like to be a teacher. No one will ever deny you your well-deserved rest again.

Bring Your Summer Zen to the School Year

A lot of professional development for teachers focuses on classroom practices—and rightly so. But being an effective teacher requires more than just the right teaching practices; it also means caring for yourself and making sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to take on new challenges each day.

That’s why Advancement Courses has created several professional development courses on how to reduce stress, maintain balance, and nurture your passion throughout your teaching career. All courses are offered for both graduate and continuing education credit for your salary advancement or recertification needs. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Becoming a Calm, Happy Teacher: Leave burnout, stress, and frustration behind for good. In this course, you’ll use proven psychological tools to help you create a calmer, more balanced teaching career so you can be more present and energetic in every area of your life.
  • Self-Care Strategies for Teachers: Create long-term self-care strategies so you can build a more grounded, inspired, and sustainable career in education and better manage stressful situations.
  • Staying Present: Mindfulness for Better Teaching and Learning: When teachers and students are centered and able to manage their emotions, they are more successful in and out of school. This course provides tools to create a culture where every member of your class is mindful and able to stay present even in stressful situations.
  • Stress Reduction for Better Teaching: Develop tools to better manage the stress of teaching and improve your ability to fully enjoy the greatest job on earth while being completely present for your students.

In addition to these, we offer more than 280 online, self-paced professional development courses covering both foundational topics and emerging trends in K–12 education. Check out our full course catalog here.

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