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Never Have I Ever: Teacher’s Edition [with GIFs]

Woman with red glasses. Never Have I Ever-Teachers Edition

As a teacher, you’ve seen just about everything. When other people share their crazy work stories, you’ve always got the trump card with that one wild thing your student said last week (and yesterday…and the day before…and last period…). So now it’s time to play “Never Have I Ever: Teacher’s Edition.”

How many of these scenarios have happened to you? If you’ve done any of the following things, then award yourself the points listed. Scores go from 0 to 270, so grab your phone or a piece of paper and keep track of your score to see how you compare with teachers like you.

Once you’ve got your score tallied, share your results on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Spent more than $100 of your own money on supplies.

Points: 10

It doesn’t matter how deep the discounts are; the Target Dollar Spot is still going to end up with all your money.


Christened a parent with an earned but brutally honest nickname.

Points: 15

Now when you talk to the parent, your every thought is consumed with not letting that nickname slip.


Wasted your planning period on social media.

Points: 20

You only planned to check your notifications real quick, you swear…


Confiscated a student’s phone.

Points: 25

It’s still a mystery how anything on that phone could be more interesting than you.


Spent more than one Saturday working at home.

Points: 30

And yet your stack of grading never seems to get smaller…


Landed a really good pun during class.

Points: 35

Bonus points if anyone besides you laughed.


Suffered from imposter syndrome.

Points: 40

Yes, you have a degree; yes, your state gave you a teaching license; yes, you’ve wanted to be a teacher your whole life. But sometimes that means nothing when 20+ pairs of blank eyes are staring at you while you stand alone at the front of the class.


Disagreed with a state standard.

Points: 45

If they spent a single day in your classroom, they’d know you’re right.


Felt gratefulness and joy for getting to teach.

Points: 50

Teaching is one of the toughest jobs out there, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything!


So what’s your score?

So how’d you do? Share your score on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see how you stack up against other teachers.

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