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6 Things No One Misses About Faculty Meetings

We all love our colleagues and administrators, but let’s face it: Sometimes meetings can get a little…long. And boring. And tedious. And become a source of dread and soul-sucking frustration. 

We’re kidding. (Mostly.) Faculty meetings can be a great place to catch up with colleagues and hear about what’s going on outside your classroom walls. But since the COVID-19 shutdowns, there are a few things most of us won’t miss about in-person faculty meetings. Here are just a few. 

When the Faculty Meeting Runs Past Dinner Time  

Look, you care about your students and sacrifice a lot for them. But no one should ask you to delay taco night and a glass of wine at the end of a long day. 


When It Could Have Been an Email  

You like seeing your colleagues and everything. But you probably could’ve used this hour for other things, like grading…or planning…or Netflix. 


When Administrators Reveal New State Standards  

Remember the last time the new state standards were going to be the end-all, be-all in education? Yeah, forget all that. This time, the new standards are really going to solve all your problems (or cause them…one of the two). 


When You Know the New Proposal Is a Bad Idea 

Whether you’re new to teaching or have been around the block a few times, you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to teach your kids every day. You can sniff out a bad idea before it ever flops in your classroom. 


When Someone’s Joke Fails to Stick the Landing 

And that awkward silence just keeps going and going and going… 


When Your Neighbor Is Dozing Off 

You’d like to feel superior for your professionalism. But really, you’re just jealous that someone else is getting a nap. 


Effective Communication in Your School and Classroom 

This has been a crazy school year. COVID-19 has disrupted more than just faculty meetings; it’s upended our whole system of communication with our students, colleagues, and admins. It might be a while before we get back to normal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve communication in the meantime. For in-depth strategies on connecting better with your students and colleagues, check out these professional development courses from Advancement Courses: 

  • Teachers as Leaders: Sharpen your leadership skills and learn how to establish yourself as a leader in your school and district. Learn how to run effective meetings, engage colleagues in constructive dialogue, and implement practices to support retention, encourage professional development, and participate in school improvement efforts. 
  • Students Are Not Customers: If teachers aren’t careful, the business world’s customer-service mentality can creep into their classrooms, hindering their ability to challenge their students. Learn how to build a strong rapport with your students and create a rigorous, differentiated curriculum that will push them to their highest potential. 

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