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Painfully Honest Thoughts from Parents Tackling Teacher Duties

Teaching. It’s an art form. It’s a science. It’s, well, a challenge. Sure, most of the time, we’re jazzed to have a career that makes a positive impact. But let’s get candid for a minute: there are those stressful days when the wine bottle calls our name from the fridge.  

We’re thankful every day. But that gratitude often comes with a loving smirk, especially when others get a taste of the educator life. We think of it healthy dose of “See? Teaching’s not so easy, now is it?” Parents and teachers have always shared a crucial partnership, but with the sudden need for homeschooling rising, we are truly in this thing together. Here’s the proof of our camaraderie.

Teaching math…and “nutrition.”

So half of it can pay off all the degrees we earn to change the future.

Sometimes a politician has the right idea.

Are there 30-something of them?

We suggest real-world application.

Wait until you have to clean up all the glitter.

Ah, large class sizes.

Sounds like Tuesday.

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