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10 Ways Teachers Spend Summer Break After Teaching Online

Teacher leaving for summer

Ah, summer. After two and a half months of unexpectedly becoming an online-teacher-slash-tech-genius, the sun and the break have never been more welcome. Travel may be limited, and no one knows what next school year’s going to look like, but we have a pretty good feeling this is how you’ll be spending your summer break.

You’re not looking at a computer…


…except for therapeutic purposes.


If you never see another student tablet again, it’ll be too soon.

You’re hanging out with pets.


Pets. They don’t require screens, social distancing, or you to answer a thousand questions. The perfect summer companion.

You’re not worrying so much about appearance anymore.


I mean, with distance learning, you weren’t worrying much before either, but now, your principal truly has no say.

You get to go outside whenever you want.


And you thought you looked forward to recess as a kid.

You’re focusing on the bare necessities…


The government designated grocery stores as essential, so that means chips, cookies, cake, and candy are essential. Who are you to argue with the state?

…and a few medicinal items as well.


Time heals all wounds. Alcohol doesn’t hurt either.

You’re getting some exercise…


The teacherly life requires long hours, and let’s face it, it’s hard to squeeze in a Jane Fonda tape when you need to unwind.

…and trying new recipes.


If you use more than one ingredient, it counts as a recipe, right?

But it won’t be long before you’re ready to get back to the thing you love the most.


Summer is great and necessary for every teacher’s sanity. But it won’t be long before you miss knocking a lesson out of the park and seeing the light in students’ eyes when they “get it” for the first time. Treat yo’ self this summer so you’ll be refreshed for the fall; we need you!

Professional Development to Fill Your Summer Months

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