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10 Teacher Memes to Describe the Final Days of School

Teacher Memes

Teachers know that the final days of the school year can be some of the hardest to navigate. Sometimes, the road to your much-needed break has a few humorous bumps. It’s almost summer, so here are ten teacher memes we’re sure you’ll relate to as you wrap things up.

1. When a Student Asks for Extra Credit After Turning in Zero Assignments

You’ve stressed the importance of getting the work done. You’ve given warning after warning. Still, when the end of the year rolls around, there’s always a student (or two) who wants some extra credit to avoid a bad report card.

Teacher Memes

2. At the End of the Last Day Before Summer Vacation

It’s been a long year with many uphill but rewarding battles. Even you can’t believe it’s finally about to come to an end. Tired but hopeful, you wrap things up knowing that you’ve succeeded.

Teacher Memes

3. When Students Ask About Your Summer Plans

All you really want is time for a bit of self-care, but it’s hard to admit to your students that your aspirations for at least part of the summer consist of sweatpants and Netflix. Your secret’s safe with us.

4. When Parents Ask if They Can Text You Over the Break

You’ve been accessible 24/7 during the school year. Now, you want a little bit of peace and quiet. While you hope the texts won’t roll in, we know you’ll answer kindly if they do.

5. The First Monday Morning of Summer Vacation

You weren’t up all night grading papers. You have time to eat breakfast and exercise. Breathe in the fresh air and take some time for you. Now is your time to kick back and relax before you start planning for next year.

Teacher Memes

6. The Feeling After Waking Up Without an Alarm

You might wake to a ping of panic, but once you realize you’ve got nowhere to be before the sun comes up, soak it all in! Let’s face it, summer isn’t as much of a vacation for you as it is for the students, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep in a little later.

Teacher Memes

7. When a Parent Sees You at the Liquor Store

Try not to panic, but if you can hide, hide. Or quickly grab some sodas or water and pretend the grocery store was sold out. Still, something tells us most parents would empathize.

Teacher Memes

8. When You Finally Find Some Common Ground with Your Kids

They need a break as much as you do. Even if you didn’t agree on much during the school year, you definitely understand them now as the excitement of the impending summer sets in.

Teacher Memes

9. The Start of Fall Semester vs. the End of May

You start to relax a little and realize that you made it. It went how it went. It’s almost time to kick back before you get ready to do it all over again.

Teacher Memes

10. When You Realize How Much You Miss Your Students in July

No matter how much frustration or exhaustion you felt, you’ll miss them by the end of the summer, if not sooner. Maybe it’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe they’re just really that special.

Teacher Memes

These teacher memes are funny, but caring for yourself as an educator and individual is serious. You shouldn’t wait until summer break to practice self-care and balance in your life. A happy teacher is a better teacher.

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