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A Tournament of Teachers: At-Home Needs Revealed

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It’s back! Advancement Courses is hosting our Tournament of Teachers—a bracket-style tournament themed for K–12 educators. This year is our Can’t Live Without It edition, where you’ll vote on the school and home essentials that keep you going throughout the year.

Here’s how the tournament works:

March 16–22:Submit your bracket predicting which “Can’t Live Without It” items will win.

March 23–April 1: Vote on which items you think should advance to the next round.

April 2: Winners are announced.

These are the prizes for the entrants with the top brackets:

1st Place: $1,000 Amazon gift card

2nd Place: $250 Amazon gift card

3rd Place: $100 Amazon gift card (3 entrants will win this prize)

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Also don’t forget to check out the Can’t Live Without It: At-School Must-Haves.

Can’t Live Without It: At Home

1. Wine

Because no one needs to “un-wine-d” more than teachers.

2. Coffee

Coffee is an absolute must for waking up…staying up…remembering your own name…and generally being a good person.

3. Smartphone

Social media, Spotify, streaming services, online shopping: everything you need to forget school exists, in one convenient package.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Tournament-of-Teachers-Smartphone.png

4. Netflix

You spend all day being vertical and (mostly) paying attention to your students. Netflix allows you to do the exact opposite.

5. Pizza

Forget pizza parties with your students. How does an extra-large supreme for one sound?

6. Cake

Most people have cake on special occasions. For teachers, surviving a Wednesday is a special occasion.

7. Hair ties

A ponytail means you took time to style your hair today, right?

8. Dry shampoo

For those days when you were up until midnight binging Downton Abbey—um, we mean grading papers—the night before.

9. Dinner with grown-ups

A whole night of people listening when you speak and only having to say things once. Who knew such luxuries existed?

10. Movies with swear words

Let the expletives fly, Mr. Pacino. No students around here.

11. Clean laundry

“Ms. Thomas, didn’t you wear that on Tuesday?” Why can’t students remember your lessons as well as they remember your wardrobe? ?

12. Clean house

You remember a clean house, right? It’s that thing your non-teacher friends have, or that you had for two weeks over summer break that one time.

13. Naps

What you wouldn’t give for a George Costanza-style nap desk…

14. Bubble baths

Warmth, relaxation, silence—all the things your classroom does not have.

15. Sleeping in

What would life be like if your alarm didn’t go off at 5 a.m.? Maybe you’ll find out one day…in your dreams.

16. Staying up late

You thought being a grownup meant not having a bedtime—but then you became a teacher, and your body told you otherwise.

Join the madness and help us determine what is the top essential teachers can’t live without by submitting your predictions! Also, check out how you can use tournament brackets to teach.

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