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A Tournament of Teachers: At-School Needs Revealed

Tournament of Teachers-At-School

It’s back! Advancement Courses is hosting our Tournament of Teachers—a bracket-style tournament themed for K–12 educators. This year is our Can’t Live Without It edition, where you’ll vote on the school and home essentials that keep you going throughout the year.

Here’s how the tournament works:

March 16–22:Submit your bracket predicting which “Can’t Live Without It” items will win.

March 23–April 1: Vote on which items you think should advance to the next round.

April 2: Winners are announced.

These are the prizes for the entrants with the top brackets:

1st Place: $1,000 Amazon gift card

2nd Place: $250 Amazon gift card

3rd Place: $100 Amazon gift card (3 entrants will win this prize)

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Can’t Live Without It: At School

1. Target Dollar Spot

Everything is under $5, so even if you buy a cartful, it’s still a good deal…right?

2. Dollar Tree

Pinterest can keep its fabulous $100+ classroom makeovers. You’ve got the Dollar Tree.

3. Tissues

Tissues: your first line of defense against cold and flu season.

4. Clorox Wipes

Your doorknobs, desks, and communal supplies are Petri dishes for germs—but not if you have Clorox wipes!

5. Small Class Size

Less grading? Yes, please! (Oops, we meant more one-on-one time with students. That’s what good teachers say, right?)

6. Teacher’s Aide

You want some experience on what it’s like to be a teacher? Great! Here’s a pile of quizzes to grade.

7. Field Trip

Permission forms, medical releases, collecting money, organizing chaperones, hyperventilating when your headcount comes up short—what’s not to love?

8. Classroom Party

Your education degree didn’t include a course in party planning? Weird, because you do a lot of it now.

9. Post-It Notes

Collages, labels, good-job notes, bookmarks, reminders, polls, progress bars, classroom activities. Who doesn’t love an excuse to use Post-It notes? In different colors, of course. Lots and lots of different colors.

10. Flip Chart Paper

Let’s be honest: Everything is more exciting on a giant piece of paper.

11. Personal Laminator

Make your handouts (mostly) indestructible through the magic of laminating!

12. Unlimited Copies

No more hoarding paper, begging for color ink, calculating your copy needs months in advance, or mortgaging your home to cover the difference after you reach your limit.

13. Desk Fan

Because no one wants to see pit stains when you go to the board.

14. Space Heater

Your school claims to have central heating, but evidently, your classroom is nowhere near that center.

15. Late Start

And you thought two-hour delays were exciting when you were a kid.

16. Early Dismissal

Bring it on, Mother Nature. Nothing you throw at me can be more chaotic than the last hour of the school day.

Help us determine what is the top essential teachers can’t live without by submitting your predictions! Also, check out how you can use tournament brackets to teach.

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