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Winter-Themed Activities for Every Grade and Subject

Winter Activities in the Classroom

Hey there! We’ve compiled a list of fun winter activities that appeal to all learning styles, grade-levels, backgrounds, and subjects. You can check them out on our Pinterest board. Below, we highlighted some of our favorites.


  • Arctic Animal Crafts: Your students will love making their own arctic foxes, polar bears, and penguins with supplies you already have in your classroom. For older students, ask them to research and present their favorite facts about the animal they created.
  • Create a Snowflake: All you need is paint and brushes, a canvas board or thick cardstock, masking tape, and a sharpie, and students can decorate your classroom with beautiful, one-of-a-kind snowflakes. Your students may know that no two snowflakes are alike, but you can extend this activity with a math and science focus.


  • Mitten Match: This winter-themed twist on the classic memory game will help kids practice opposites, word families, and rhyming.
  • Winter Writing Prompts: These prompts can be used as a whole class activity or an independent journal writing assignment. They are perfect for grades 3-5, but can be tweaked to work with younger students, too.


  • Hot Chocolate Counting Mats: Motivate your students to practice counting with marshmallows! This free printable includes numbers 1-20.
  • Marshmallow Geometry: Marshmallows are also a great way to teach geometry. In this activity, students build their own 2D shapes using marshmallows and pretzel sticks.


  • Snow Storm in a Jar: Don’t just talk about weather in your science lessons— create it! Kids can follow a few simple steps to create their own snowstorm. Follow up the experiment by asking students how they think snow forms.
  • Ice Volcanoes: Kids will love learning how volcanoes erupt by creating their own, winter-themed frozen volcanoes!
  • Pine Cone Science Experiment: Teach about the seasons by having students perform an experiment with pinecones.

Just Plain Fun!

  • Winter Bingo: You and your students will love this cute, free winter Bingo board printout.
  • Preschool Songs About Snow: These winter-themed sing-alongs will be a preschool or kindergarten crowd favorite!
  • Freebies: Who doesn’t love freebies? These winter printables are for preschool to third grade, but you can find more freebies on our Pinterest board for higher grades.

For more ideas about celebrating winter in your classroom, check out this article from Education Week about the Tenenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding. The article offers great strategies for commemorating every holiday in your classroom this winter and year-round. 

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