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Free Micro Course: An Exploration into Building a Leader

Free Course Building a Leader

Those who have chosen to venture into the world of school leadership or administration have most likely spent time in the world of education already. Most of the time school leaders have served as teachers in some capacity, so they feel they have a good idea of what goes into a day in the life of a school leader or administrator. Although they are somewhat familiar with the role, it encompasses quite a bit more than what meets the eye.

A school leader’s to-do list is going to be different depending on the specific role that they work in, but all in all, no two days look the same, and it is not unusual for what happens to be very different than what you had planned to get accomplished.

This course will offer you a glimpse into some of the things that go into your work as a school leader or administrator. Although this is not a comprehensive list of what you will encounter, it will give you an idea of what it entails and will let you gather your thoughts about whether a career in leadership is a good fit for you.

Upon completion of this micro-course, you will receive a certificate from Advancement Courses notating your 3 PD hours earned.

Applicability of professional development hours varies from state to state. Please follow your district or governing body’s approval process to verify acceptance. Though we are an approved provider in IL, MT, NY, PA, and WA, these states require additional PD reporting not available in our micro courses.

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