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Free Micro Course: An Exploration into Chronic Absenteeism

When you miss a day, you miss a lot. School administrators know this all too well. Unfortunately, when students fall into truancy patterns, their learning becomes jeopardized. Although there are many reasons for chronic absenteeism, the impact remains the same. Luckily, there are steps educators can take to combat this ongoing issue.

This free course, worth 3 PD hours, provides a glimpse into the attendance strategies that are vital to your work as a school leader or administrator.

If you’re thinking of transitioning from classroom teacher to school leader, the material also sheds light on whether a career in administration is right for you.

Learning Outcomes:

This free micro course enables educators to:

  • Use proven tools to help cut down on student absences.
  • Analyze and reflect on your planning, instruction, classroom management, and collaboration, and find areas to improve.

Upon completion of this micro course, you will receive a certificate from Advancement Courses notating that you’ve received 3 PD hours, at no cost to you.

Applicability of professional development hours varies from state to state. Please follow your district or governing body’s approval process to verify acceptance. Though we are an approved provider in IL, MT, NY, PA, and WA, these states require additional reporting not available in our micro courses.

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