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Free Micro Course: An Exploration into School Branding

Free Course School Branding

Branding is crucial for schools to build rapport with communities. In this free micro course, you will explore how you can use social media and other tools to enhance school branding and engage your community.

Concerned about cultivating an impactful school brand from the ground up? This course provides materials you can implement quickly to help overcome the obstacles of creating a positive school brand.

In this free micro course, you will acquire the tools and resources you need to build a school brand that:

  • Attracts and retrains talented, driven teachers.
  • Helps engage families and community members alike.
  • Relies on a solid communication strategy that speaks the truth about your school’s mission.
  • Promotes an improved culture filled with good ideas, strong values, and a vibrant culture.

Upon completion of this micro-course, you will receive a certificate from Advancement Courses notating your 3 PD hours earned.

Applicability of professional development hours varies from state to state. Please follow your district or governing body’s approval process to verify acceptance. Though we are an approved provider in IL, MT, NY, PA, and WA, these states require additional PD reporting not available in our micro courses.

Fulfilling Your PD Requirements?

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