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The History of Golf (Infographic)

History of Golf

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The History of Golf

While ball and stick games have been around throughout most of human history, golf as we know it originated in the 15th century. Since then, kings have banned it, Mary, Queen of Scots was the first known woman to play, and Tiger Woods took the throne as the best golfer of our time. Tee up for a brief history of golf!

15th Century

The Scottish transform the game of chole into the earliest form of golf. [1]

During war with England, James II of Scotland bans golf to focus on archery training. [2]

16th Century

The ban on golf is lifted after Scotland and England sign the Treaty of Perpetual Peace. [3]

James IV of Scotland makes the first recorded golf club purchase. [3]

Mary, Queen of Scots, earns the title of first female golfer. [4]

17th Century

The featherie ball is invented and becomes the standard golf ball of the time. [5]

The sport makes its way to the United States and is banned on the streets of Albany, NY. [6]

18th Century

The oldest surviving golf rule book, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers , is written. [7]

The first golf club, St. Andrews, opens in Scotland. [8]

19th Century

The guttie, a much cheaper version of a golf ball, replaces the featherie as the standard. [5]

The Ladies’ Golf Union of Great Britain and Ireland is founded. [9]

20th Century

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) is established. [10]

Open championship games are suspended during WWI. [11]

Walter Hagen becomes the first American to win The Open Championship. [12]

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is founded. [13]

21st Century

Tiger Woods wins all four major championships at one time. [14]

From kings of countries to kings of the course, golf has an extensive and rich history, and it has become part of the cultural fabric of countries around the world. Share this information with your students for a “tap in” lesson.





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