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Spring Break Bucket List for Teachers

Spring Break To-Dos for Teachers

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t’s almost spring break! After three or more months without an extended break, you and your students are ready for some time away from the classroom.

It’s important for everyone, students and teachers alike, to take a mental break from the grind of school. That way you’ll be refreshed and ready to go down the home stretch before state and school testing begins in April, May and June.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind during Spring Break 2018:

Don’t Set an Alarm

Relax! Sleep in. Unlike normal weekdays, you don’t have to get up before the sun. Let your body catch up on sleep you may have missed and enjoy the extra moments in bed.

Read a Book for Fun

You’ve probably been staring at one of your recent book purchases, wishing you had time to dive in. Well, now’s your chance! Sit back and be immersed in a good book.

Bake Something Delicious

With a little free time on your hands, try that pie recipe you’ve had bookmarked since winter break. There are endless possibilities when baking. Whether it’s something savory or sweet, there’s always an opportunity to experiment and enjoy!

Try Something New

Maybe you’ve wanted to try a new hiking trail or join a local gym. Or maybe you’re itching to try a new video game. Spring break is a great time to try something new and change up your routine.

Pamper Yourself

You’ve been holding off on buying a new outfit or electronic device, or scheduling a spa day. Now that you have time, go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

Catch Some Rays

In most of the U.S., spring break is a great chance to get outside and feel sunshine on your face. Spending time outdoors has plenty of health benefits, from improving your mood to promoting restful sleep and lower blood pressure. Sunlight puts your endorphins to work, and you’ll find yourself feeling well-rested in the morning.

Make a Summer Bucket List

Since spring break is only a week, you may not accomplish everything you hoped to do. But with summer vacation just a few months away, go ahead and start a summer bucket list to make the most of your next break from the classroom.

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