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Can We Guess Your Perfect Teacher Vacation? [QUIZ]

We’re not the first people to say this: Teachers earn and deserve every second they get to relax. That means you—the teacher reading this, the teacher who spends countless hours creating a brighter future for young people—are entitled to a vacation.

Vacation (Vay. Kay. Shun.)


1. An allotted period of recreation and leisure.

2. A necessary but sometimes neglected event that enables teachers to be the best versions of themselves.

Now that we’ve updated the vocabulary, the question is: which teacher vacation is ideal for you? Take our quiz to find out.

It’s Saturday afternoon. You’ve completed all grading and prep work. What’s your ideal scenario right now?

Pick one of these.

How do you want to spend the next five days?

Choose which book you most want to read.

Which of these stressors would you banish first?

What do you love most about teaching?

Can We Guess Your Perfect Teacher Vacation?

Hey, nothing wrong with the oasis you make right there on the couch. What could possibly go wrong when you’re binging entertainment that’s been gathering dust in your streaming queue? With staycations, you don’t add more stress that makes you want a vacation from your vacation. Instead, you get to explore your city, catch up with friends, and have thoughtful conversations with the people you care about. Also, you can pretty much nap whenever, so that’s always a plus.

Look, no one is immune to the positive and negative impacts that our various gadgets have had on our society. Perhaps you share a screen addiction with your students, and who could blame you? That dopamine feels pretty good in the moment. So, for your vacation, maybe it’s best to cut the digital cord and get out there amid the trees. Can you hear the wind whistling through the branches? Can you already see the fire pop and sizzle? This is where you belong.
City Escape

The concrete jungle calls you. Don’t you just love the energy a new city experience brings? Can you not get enough of the cafés and bistros on every corner? Isn’t it great to walk into a museum on a whim and spend hours learning and marveling about objects of beauty and significance? Yeah, the city escape sounds like a good plan for you. So, where are you going?
New England

There’s nothing quite like those whisper-quiet little hamlets strewn throughout New England. Many a city-dweller visits these towns in an effort to get away from the ruckus of urban life. If you’re a teacher, it doesn’t matter where you live—your life is hectic! That means a trip to Vermont or New Hampshire might be your next stop.
Beach Getaway

The beach isn’t only for spring breakers and Jimmy Buffett fans (affectionately known as Parrot Heads). With all the hecticness of the teacher life, there’s nothing quite like looking out onto blue waters and clear skies that stretch into eternity. Think of it this way: The beach is where you go to sit down and be a human being. Isn’t that an amazing concept? After a year of ongoing, back-to-back responsibilities, we hope you take delight in the satisfaction of doing absolutely nothing.

Take Care of Yourself!

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