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Can You Guess This Teen Slang? [QUIZ]

Back in 2014—in other words, the Stone Ages—students used to wear outfits or sport makeup and hairstyles that were “on fleek.”

Do your students still say “on fleek”? Probably not. Alas, teen slang persistently evolves, so if you’re reading this past August 2021, chances are your kids have moved on to more contemporary expressions.

So how up to date are you on the latest teen slang? Take our quiz and find out if you are “cheugy” or “sic.”





















Can You Guess This Teen Slang? [QUIZ]
Hey there, that’s a perfect score. We even tried to trick you. Way to go, teach. You’re totally not cheugy!

You got 90% right, but you’re a 100% wonderful teacher!

80% of time, you know exactly what they’re saying. Those are good odds.

Eh, maybe not the best score in the world. If you let your students retake tests, you could definitely give yourself the same courtesy.

Either you’re not long on the evolution of slang, or you’re too busy grading and lesson planning to bother. That’s fine with us--we still think you’re cool.

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