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What’s Your Teacher Archetype? [QUIZ]

This may seem a tad deep to mention on a silly online quiz, but we need to talk about Carl Jung. Yes, that Carl Jung—the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who divided our personalities into persona and shadow regions. The character archetype guy, the father of analytical psychology.  

In other words, there’s the teacher-you (the persona) who knows everything about pedagogy and positive student outcomes. And then there’s home-you (the shadow) who gets stressed out and may question every decision and idea.  

We’re here to figure out which persona suits your teaching style best. While we’re at it, we want the shadow part of your psyche to know the real truth about what a great teacher you really are.  

One more thing before you take this quiz: If you want to read a little deeper into this subject, check out this article on teacher archetypes

If you had to pick just one, which of these best describes your classroom?

Pick your average teaching clothes:

As a student, what was your favorite subject?

Why did you choose to become a teacher?

Don’t think too hard. Pick a color:

OK, now pick two colors:

You are a teacher who…

What’s Your Teacher Archetype? [QUIZ]
The Hero

The hero cares deeply about power and honor. You’ll find that teachers who fall within this archetype have an incredible vitality that will help their team fight for what they believe in. The hero will teach students to never give up and model an ambition that’s admirable.
The Ruler

The ruler can bring order to any situation, from a classroom to a teacher meeting. Rulers are stable and can be counted on to always try their best, making them fantastic teammates and teachers. They also expect the best from those around them, which can be great for students because their teacher is guaranteed to hold them to high standards.
The Artist

The artist desires freedom and originality. The artist as a teacher will transform lessons into creative experiences for students. Known for cleverness and independence, the artist makes an inspiring educator who always brings imagination into the classroom and the community.
The Sage

A free-thinking type like the artist, the sage focuses on intellect and knowledge. Sages’ goal is to understand the world around them, which makes them an empathetic and exciting teacher for students. They’re also great to have on your team because of their fantastic logic and analytical skills.
The Rebel

On the surface, a rebel might seem like they love to provoke and cause drama. In reality, they just love independent thinking. What a great trait to teach their students and model for their fellow teachers! The rebel isn’t easily influenced and likely respects those who think for themselves as well.

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Did You Get “The Hero?”  

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