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Which School Lunch Are You?

Pick the option that best embodies your classroom aesthetic:

You want your students to feel that your teaching…

Pick an adjective that describes your average lesson:

Based only on food availability, where would you most like to live?

Your role as a teacher means:

Pick a vacation destination:

Which School Lunch Are You?
Taco Tuesday

Can you smell the ground chuck marinating in a mélange of cumin, chili powder, garlic, and paprika? And do you marvel at the sight of nuclear-orange cheese cascading over a greasy salad of beef, pickled jalapenos, and chunks of tomato? This is Taco Tuesday, a weekly holiday celebrated across all lines of social and philosophical division.

So, what does this lunch say about you as a teacher?

It means that your lessons are well-liked, tested, and appreciated. But perhaps most importantly, your classroom activities can be tailored to fit the needs of all students. In this day and age, we’re working harder and harder to reach children on an individual level, and you’re on the front line of that mission.
Pizza Day

Traditionally served in a rectangular shape, pizza day provides a standard against which all other pies are judged. As your students grow older, they’ll pine for those cubed pepperonis that made islands of red grease across the geography of the slice. They’ll yearn for those pockets of flavor hiding beneath the bubbling cheese. And perhaps you experience that nostalgia yourself.

So, what does this lunch say about you as a teacher?

It means that your teaching style stands the test of time, holding firm against all the changes and new demands that happen so often in public education. But you’re no milquetoast. It’s called a pizza party, for Pete’s sake. Your classroom management style means that all kids get a fair and equitable shake — a slice of the pie that suits their needs.
Fish Sticks

Ah, those perfect planks of fishy goodness. Frozen food gets a bad rep, and fish sticks are the poster child for that mischaracterization. Usually made from an oceanic mixture of cod, pollack, and halibut, these breaded delights take diners on a culinary voyage of the sea. And they say school lunches don’t offer robust flavor profiles. Have these amateur critics never heard of tartar sauce?

So, what does this lunch say about you as a teacher?

Your teaching style may look unassuming at first, but once you peel back the curtain, you see a perfectly balanced combination of pedagogical tools and strategies. It’s not that you’re hiding your genius; you like the element of surprise. Your students are richer for it, too.
Tuscan Pasta Bake

OK, perhaps the Tuscan pasta bake doesn’t grace every school with its delightfully gooey, carb-rich presence. If that’s your school, perhaps this description sounds familiar: In a nutshell, you have a pasta casserole that sneaks a few green vegetables down the diners’ gullets. With stealth and sophistication, this dish is surely the James Bond of school lunches.

So, what does this lunch say about you as a teacher?

It means that you take state standards and evolving demands and make them fun and digestible. It also means that your teaching style is unique and perhaps unexpected at times. Tell the truth: How often do you gamify your lessons? If that’s you, we know that your students not only appreciate the approach but also retain and implement the information.
Salisbury Steak

A TV dinner staple, the Salisbury steak marries a mystery combination of animal protein with a generous pour of brown sauce. Dr. James H. Salisbury, a medical doctor, is the man behind this gravy-smothered concoction, which is why it brings so much relief and comfort when consumed. Spoon some mashed potatoes on the side, and there you have it: the epitome of comfort food.

So, what does this lunch say about you as a teacher?

You’re nice. And that’s good. We mean it as a compliment. When you teach, your students appreciate the grace and warmth you show them. They feel comfortable and trusting when learning with you. Do you make your classroom feel homier, as in adding lamps and plants and fun decorations? Either way, your students will remember you fondly as they transition to adulthood.

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