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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

🐢 Cowabunga! 🐢

Did you know that those four bipedal, pizza-scarfing turtles originated in a dark and violent comic book? It’s true. But we’re glad Leo, Donnie, Ralph, and Mikey evolved into the loveable ninja quartet so many of us adored as young people. Those action figures were pretty cool, right? The toys provided serious sandbox entertainment, but let’s not forget the stories, many of which focused on being one’s authentic self and accepting others in spite of personality clashes. That’s some totally tubular social–emotional learning right there.

How exactly did this 90s cartoon classic influence your teaching style? The turtles epitomize what it means to work together, even if you don’t share the same values or interests as another person. This gaggle included a solemn leader, a tech geek, a sarcastic and sometimes angry loner, and a party dude with little interest in being serious. Be honest, is that not what your classroom roster looks like today?


🎵 Do-duh-do-do-do, Do-duh-do-do-do, Do-duh-do-do-do 🎵

Sorry, Doug’s theme song is about to replay in your head for the rest of the day. But we hope that earworm brings back warm memories. So, what can we say about young Mr. Funnie, that sensitive soul with eight sprigs of hair and a green sweater vest that set trends for 90s fashion? This classic cartoon followed the learning journey of an eleven-year-old boy as he experienced major changes, developed more complex emotions, and learned from his mistakes.

How exactly did this 90s cartoon classic influence your teaching style? Well, Doug was all about growth through experience and imagination. But that learning style happened in light of the confusion the character felt as he learned more about life and relationships. Perhaps you were that same introspective kid, and that made you want to help young people navigate the chaos of growing up.


👶 “A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do.” 👶

The most popular children’s program amid the golden Nicktoon age, Rugrats followed the adorable adventures of Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and Angelica. Their stories happened during a time when everything about the world was fresh and new — sometimes a little scary, but always worthy of exploration. Plus, if you go back and watch as an adult, you’ll no doubt notice the admiration that writers had for the parents whose exhaustion they depicted in a visceral and empathic way.

How exactly did this 90s cartoon classic influence your teaching style? Perhaps you remember what fantasticness feels like, and you never lose sight of how learning means amazement. These pre-K rascals remind us of what it’s like to experience wonder in our lives. Their days include consistent adventure and camaraderie. If that’s not what education is all about, then what else is it?


👓 “I’ve been busy procrastinating all day.” 👓

Daria Morgendorffer started her cartoon life as a foil for the giggling fire enthusiasts Beavis and Butthead. (It’s not unlikely that your parents abhorred that dimwitted duo.) Nevertheless, the quiet and contemplative Daria character spoke so boldly to the wallflower teenagers of the 90s that her street cred earned her a solo television show. Sure, she was a little cynical, but what she lacked in optimism, she made up for in sarcasm and lack of confidence in other people.

How exactly did this 90s cartoon classic influence your teaching style? OK, maybe you’re not all sunshine and rainbows. Maybe your teaching style and classroom management focuses on sardonic comments that may not be conventional, but nevertheless get the point across in a powerful way.

The Care Bears

🐻 “Your feelings can help you find the true answer.” 🐻

The Care Bears live in a world filled with cotton candy, rainbows, stars, spangles, and all sorts of ooey-gooey mushiness. So, yeah, it’s an appropriate environment for a cuddly gaggle of teddy bears whose sole mission in life is to show others concern and compassion. Seriously, even the Care Bear with a storm cloud on his belly exudes a positive outlook.

How exactly did this 90s cartoon classic influence your teaching style? At this point, you’re more than aware that the uber-sugary world the Care Bears inhabit might be a stretch. But that doesn’t mean that every kid doesn’t deserve regard for their well-being. And what would an education be without care as its backbone? We’d bet that altruism is an integral part of your classroom schtick.

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