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The NEASC International Accreditation ACE Pathway Internal Reflection workshop prepares you to lead your learning community through the Internal Reflection process by immersing you in the ACE model and the components of the Internal Reflection.

The workshop consists of four sections, each with a specific focus. For each section, you’ll complete some individual work and have discussions with others leading the Internal Reflection. Throughout the Internal Reflection, you’ll focus on building a community-wide, shared understanding of your school’s definition of high-quality learning, as well as the Learning Principles and Impacts. The Internal Reflection ends with the formation of Major Learning Plans, which will be the focus during your ACE learning journey.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss the nature of the ACE model as a lever for 21st Century Learning.
  • Explain the NEASC Accreditation Cycle.
  • Describe the Learning Principles and Impacts as well as the process for collecting evidence of Impact.
  • Identify how to conduct an Internal Reflection, create Major Learning Plans, and write an Internal Reflection Report.

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